French Society for Stem Cell Research
French Society for Stem Cell Research

Inauguration of FSSCR

The opening day of the FSSCR was held at the Pasteur Institute, November 7, 2016.

We thank Shahragim Tajbakhsh for his involvement in the organization of this event.


The following speakers were invited :

  • Jean-Claude Ameisen for intervention on stem cells and the ethical issues raised by their use
  • Michele de Luca for a presentation on his research in regenerative medicine.


The meeting was supported by ITMO BCDE ( Multi-Thematic Institute "Cellular biology, development and evolution") and the Labex Revive.


A video of the proceedings is available :




Program - Inauguration Day

November 7, 2016

9:30 Welcome and distribution of ballots for the vote


10:00 Presentation of the company and its goals

10:30 JC Ameisen "How to think the ethical problems posed by
development of human stem cells? "(Working Title)

11:30 Michele Luca "Title to be announced- gene therapy"


12:30 Lunch Pause + Voting session


14:00 Daniel Besser "The example of the German Stem Cell Network"

15:00 Round Table and Public Participation "What to expect from FSSCR: scholarly societies the twenty-first century"


16:00 Constitutive General Assembly FSSCR


75015 PARIS
Metro: Pasteur



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Inauguration of FSSCR at the Pasteur Institute on Nov 7th, 2016