French Society for Stem Cell Research
French Society for Stem Cell Research

The FSSCR is up and running !


We are pleased to announce that following the inauguration conference in November 2016, the French Stem Cell Research Society has officially been created.




A board of 14 members


The 14 members of the board, elected at the inaugural conference at the Pasteur Institute, met in January to redact the statutes of the association and elect the executive board (bureau) of the FSSCR.


It is composed of:

Cécile Martinat, President

Shahragim Tajbakhsh, Vice President

John de Vos, Vice President

Laurent David, Treasurer

Frank Yates, Secretary



Membership in the FSSCR

By joining the FSSCR, you will be informed and participate in the FSSCR projects. Each project is organized into Working Groups. The Project Officer will assist the Working Groups in achieving and communicating their objectives.


Membership in the FSSCR for the year 2017 is only EUR 20 !


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Projects for 2017

We already need help!

  • Design a logo for the FSSCR!
    As you can see at the top of this page, we do not yet have a logo for the FSSCR. We are organizing a contest open to all for the design of the official logo, do not hesitate to participate!

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  • Conference Organization FSSCR 2017
    Planned for November 2017, we want to organize a conference to highlight the work and issues related to stem cells. By joining the FSSCR you can, if you wish, be part of the organizing committee.

  • Participation in the European Day of Stem Cells: Unistem 2018
    Coordinated by EuroStemCell, this day takes place in February, 2018. We are looking for volunteers who would like to participate in this event. We will keep the members of the FSSCR informed about the organization of this European event.

Thank you for your participation !



The FSSCR exists only through the involvement of members of the association. If you have a project, an idea, remarks, do not hesitate to let us know.